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Illustration for courses 001 by Igor-Esaulov Illustration for courses 001 by Igor-Esaulov
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Oh, stewardess still not napletet. And you and your ears framed. Found someone to ask - they have the same instructions, you know that. Here I will tell you better how I got a client. I'm an insurance company. Well, she flew with her husband on holiday in Thailand. A husband-and do not want to go, he was afraid to fly, but she told him "yes wedding anniversary wedding anniversary." So persuading. Or maybe he wanted to send her one, and very quietly to his mistress even a week? In general, it flatly, and she burst into tears, he agreed. A fly is still afraid of asking - as a safe, night or day flight, the tail or in the middle. Flew. And there, in Thailand it is, but I just believe it, never been abroad, not so many people, has issued, but she never set foot. For the first time, do not even know. Do you how many stars the hotel? Oh, yes, and so now - in Thailand husband ate something that poisoned, acute pancreatitis, and pancreatic frail, he died. Or unboiled water drunk, I'm kettle with you, and there, know what parasites? Solitaire is, as our worms, sorry, but 5 meters in length. Or fugu fish, you know, this nine people ate it and nothing, and the tenth necessarily poison to death. Maybe a fish? You are in an airplane chicken for dinner do not take it, do not advise it. My friend's husband, oh, yes, and so, she, the wife of the deceased, had to leave early because the ticket and a hotel, but the money was gone, and the coffin with her husband, we then additionally, three days should have been sent, while there all sorts of expertise. And imagine the plane, which carried the body, suddenly caught fire on takeoff. They all ran out, passengers, crew and baggage, of course, is not saved. All to the ground. And you know what I told the lady when I called her? She said - no wonder he was afraid to fly.

Will be glad to hear your Critiques! :)
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July 19, 2011
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