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Dress of the Tiarit Citizen by Igor-Esaulov Dress of the Tiarit Citizen by Igor-Esaulov
Examples of the dresses of the Tiarit female citizen.

Tiarat - generic fantasy world. There are developed and strong magic wizards ecclesiastical institution. The average development of the people of ages XIII to XVII, depending on the location and history.

Fridorskaya settlement - free area farms in the south of the continent. Cultural prototype is Cossack libertines. The main fishing - is breeding and agriculture, while the male population is trained in early childhood and is engaged in the art of war in the future employment (protection of caravans and settlements in the territory, a rare overseas trips) or arrange an attack on its neighbor (originally a single state).

Avingard empire - once a rich and powerful empire, after the holy war with its eastern neighbor (was attacked) was fading. Cultural prototype France 12-13 century. Northern lands, starving, also are constant victims of attacks of various savage peoples (orcs for example). The southern part of the country prosper through trade and agriculture, but also largely dictate its terms to the capital.

Tkusar Kingdom - the country in a remote corner of the world. Very highly developed trade and magic. The only monopoly on trade through the flying ships. On culture similar to Venice in its heyday in the Middle Ages. But the people close enough to the Asian roots by our standards. In terms of technical development will be the early Renaissance.

Normland Kingdom - Northern Kingdom (but not very cold climate), a young and aggressive. Similar to Sweden and Germany. Romanesque buildings, almost the arts. Rather fragmented cultural practices (as many territories captured in the last 20 years). Initially, it was the Duchy Avingrad Empire, but later separated.

For forum rpg game PhoenixRPG.
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Oh good, this is really something I can sink my teeth into.

Lets do this from left to right.
Fridorskaya: this is a good, simple, farmers garb. The green and earthy brown skirt is a well placed nod to their farming profession, and the short leather jackets short sleeves would leave the arms with full mobility to work the fields, while the white shirt would be easy to move in.

Avingard: these two grabs are a good representation of fading wealth. I assume the southern Provence to be the coldest of the two with the sleeves and collar providing extra protection against the weather, while the jewellery of the northern woman suggesting some degree of wealth, while the grabs lack of colour suggesting said wealths decline. Both these outfits have a noticeable amount of stitching, once again suggesting some degree of cultural success.

Tkusar Kingdom: my personal favourite of the selection, it clearly suites a shipping capitol. The red leggings seem both fashionable and efficient. The colour choice is perfect and noticeable without being too vivid. The practicality comes in through the sailing trade as no self respecting she sailor wants the he sailors looking up her dress while climbing the rigging, so kudos to you for that nice touch. The string drawn blouse also works well here, if for no other reason than it seems piratey. An argument could be made that the tied off sleeves are to stop the fabric from getting in the way of any magic, but it is far from the dominant feature.

Normland: the most unique of the outfits, this one can clearly be assumed to have mages in mind, even if it isn't mentioned in the description. The waist belt thing ( i know they have a name but cut me some slack I'm tired )is a nice feature, but I think it dips down too much at the bottom and gives her too muck of an hour glass shape. I've little else to say about this one other than its well executed and has a lot of nice details but its just a tad cliched in my opinion. Also it seems like it would be hot, in all but the coldest weather, so perhaps that could be reconsidered.

It occurs to me that this entire review I've just been verbalising what you have done instead of telling you how to improve. Take it as a complement, it just means there is nothing to improve. Impressive work, well done.

PS. Diggin' the boots.
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Alkven Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Мне нравятся сами концепты, правда показалось немного странно, что у жителей Южного Авангарда есть нижняя рубаха с длинным рукавом, а у жителей Северного - нет. Просто с точки зрения логики раз Авангард Северный, значит, он севернее, чем Южный, а, следовательно, там должно быть холоднее, что означает, что и одежда должна быть теплее... а тут внезапно короткий рукав)
Igor-Esaulov Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
В общем-то ты прав с точки зрения целесообразности. Но проблема в том рядом нет лесов на севере Авингарда, где можно было добывать пушнину, земля такова,что и крупных пастбищ нет и кожей есть проблемы. Климат там не столь холодный, чтобы требовалось одеваться совсем тепло. Средняя температура в году колеблется от 0 градусов до 25 градусов. Южная провинция местами очень жаркая, но несмотря на это большая ее часть все же живет при средней температуре 5-30 градусов. Так что для большей части года одежда актуальна.

Спасибо за коммент, но я уже писал ниже... мне самому теперь кажется, что не хватает этнических акцентов. Т.е. какие-то орнаменты на одежде или украшения простые, которые могли бы делать себе сами жители. Собственно перед тем, как продолжу работу над концептами для других стран, я видимо проработаю культуру чуть более детально.
Alkven Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Насчёт деталек согласна, их правда можно побольше, чтобы был не только фасон/крой, но и какие-то другие отличия между костюмами. Может, как-то обувь еще разную показать или другие аксессуары.

>>Но проблема в том рядом нет лесов на севере Авингарда, где можно было добывать пушнину, земля такова,что и крупных пастбищ нет и кожей есть проблемы.
Но таки жители же наверняка торгуют с другими частями страны) В общем, моё мнение просто мнение человека со стороны)
Igor-Esaulov Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Все равно интересно))) Делается ведь не только для проекта, но и для тех, кто возможно хотел бы поиграть на форуме, потому и их тоже должно заинтересовать.
Mathota Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
They look good to me, but could you give a brief overview of their cultures, just to help me give a comprehensive critique?
Igor-Esaulov Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It will be great. I added description for this concepts.
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