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Concept Goddess of Nauri by Igor-Esaulov Concept Goddess of Nauri by Igor-Esaulov
Nauri - a dark goddess. They say it appeared the first time after the creation of the moon and stars sublunary world is plunged into complete darkness. The stars disappeared behind the clouds and the moon were recruited forces to shine in the new month. Who gave birth to it - It is not known, but the closest of these assumptions lies in the fact that she is the daughter of Siitari and Hazgora. Then there were no people or elves, and loved Siitari Hazgora, not knowing his true character. They say that in New Moon Siitari removed his diadem, and devoted herself to embrace Hazgora. And in these dark nights of Nauri, peeping over them, has become is filled with jealousy. The darkness deepened in her soul, envy burned within her, because she fell in love in a vicious love of his father. However, no one knew about her feelings, and the goddess realized that she did not openly woo Hazgora - too strong was his love for Siitari. And then she began to weave the dark machinations. Much of it was spoiled in the days when the supreme gods still lived in the sublunary world. It has always operated under the cover of night. When the all-seeing eye surveyed the world of Theon, she was able to thicken around him, such a shadow that even Theon could not see it. To help set up their machinations Nauri Shadow pattern, similar to that wove Mistra. However, due to the nature of the goddess, the magic of the Shadow Pattern works best with spells that change the mind, soul destroying and deceiving illusions.
It is not known, but it is likely that as long as Siitari Hazgore disappointed and left him (and this happened when there were mortal sublunary world), Nauri often whiled away with it forever, despite the fact that he was her father. And because she liked the darkness, many of the creatures created by her father lived and hunted in the darkness of night, instilling even more fear into the hearts of mortals. And many nightmares, woven Nauri, brought to life Hazgor, because the reason it gave rise to very dark and horrible thoughts that mortals can not even imagine.

The Church of Nauri consists of independent cells that have a strong opinion leaders. All cells in a particular region are under the supervision of a senior priest. Spiritual people reveal different secrets, using them to tie down the steps and get hold of someone to his support, as well as to have a loyal assistant to the church. They are very practical and achieve power and avoid open conflict with other faiths (except religions revere Siitari and Mystra). Clergy Nauri working on toppling the government and the substitution of high places and his men, gives protection Nauri avengers, organize conspiracies and creates the false cults to bring an end to the government. Back in the old days when the churches of Nauri has been created a cult of "Hands of Death", then consisting entirely of girls. Under the guise of orphanages, girls from childhood instilled hatred for other religions, and from an early age learned the art of killing. They are often used by clerics in the dark plans. Subsequently, over the years, the cult has become a sort of guild of assassins. Anyone who has enough money and having the knowledge could have come to the church of Nauri and by donating money to the church, to hold a conversation with the soul-saving, and Primate of the church to light a candle for the souls of those who do not like it.

Priests pray for Nauri to get their spells at night. They have no common holidays, except for Dawn of Darkness, which takes place in the Quarter, and includes the bloody sacrifice, and revelation of the high priest, in which he talks about the machinations that have to accomplish in the coming year. At least once a decade, the priest should be given to nightfall, dancing, and arranging a holiday, followed by an act of wickedness, which he then tells the senior rank of the priests. Clerics often multiclass Nauri as rogues.

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